Hi, I'm Tim Erway.
My friends call me "T.J." so feel free to do the same. My specialty (and joy) is in launching, growing and scaling successful "creator businesses", which I've done a few times now.

What I mean by creator business, is a business that provides advice, information, knowledge, skills or services.

There's nothing quite like seeing your ideas come into fruition and making a positive impact in people's lives in the process.

But what I'm most proud of is that I've had the privilege and opportunity to coach many dozens of amazing creator entrepreneurs and help them build their dream businesses.

And in fact, maybe that's the reason you're reading this right now...

Perhaps you're an author, speaker, consultant or coach and you'd like to turn what you know into a new business. Or maybe you're looking to grow an existing business.

If so, then you're exactly the type of person I can help.

Are You A Creator?

I’ve always believed the highest calling of a human being is the act of creating.

The artist brings her vision to life by brushing paint to canvas...

The musician, with composing and playing music that speaks to his soul...

The fiction writer draws inspiration from the depths of her imagination...

All of these forms of making the unknown known, are examples of how we express our creative drive.

Then there's the creative entrepreneur...

We answer this call to create in a different way than the artist, the musician or the writer.

Ours is a calling to bring forth solutions to problems, to fulfill desires, and make people’s lives better.

We work in the realm of ideas...

And the reason we are so rare is because it takes a special kind of courage to be a creator and entrepreneur. 

It requires breaking free from the status quo, which is no small feat.

We know conformity breeds mediocrity.

We are unwilling to give up on our "crazy dream" of helping others do more, be more, and have more.

We don’t let doubt and negativity stop us from fulfilling our higher calling.

We don’t shirk away from tough problems, nor are we swayed from our goals when confronted with challenges or obstacles.

We don’t quit when we get knocked down, because we are compelled by a grander vision… a bigger purpose.

It’s this higher calling that makes us get back up, push the envelope and forge ahead when most would throw in the towel.

We’re driven by the understanding that everyone who's achieved any worth-while goal, has at one time or another found themselves with at least one foot hanging over the precipice… and on the brink of failure.

We persevere and we thrive because we’re willing to do what most others won’t do, so we can live our lives the way most people can’t.

We are Creators.

Here's how I can help you...

In every stage of business, creator-entrepreneurs are confronted by a unique set of challenges. And the way to break through to the next level is different for each level.

It requires different tools, methodologies, systems and most importantly... a different way of thinking about your business.

Click the tab below that best fits your situation to begin your adventure.

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The start-up entrepreneur faces considerable challenges.

It could be they haven't actually launched a business yet...

Or, perhaps they have a product, but haven't achieved a minimum critical mass of customers.

They often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information... and there's no shortage of (often conflicting) advice from "experts."

Many start-up entrepreneurs spend far too long in this phase, trying to get the product "perfect", or creating a pretty website, or any number of things they believe they need before launching.

Unfortunately, most would-be entrepreneurs never break $100K per year, let alone the $1 million dollar milestone.

The reason is because they don't figure out the single most important thing to focus on in this stage.

Namely, creating their minimum viable product and making their first profitable sales.

Everything else is secondary, because all other problems are substantially easier to solve with cash in the bank.

If you're currently at this level, there is only ONE shortcut to break $1 million+ in sales, and it's this...

Focus 80%+ of your time, energy and effort on making the right offer, to the right audience for your minimum viable product as quickly as possible, so you can achieve your first sales.

There's a very specific methodology I've used to launch several businesses to the 7-figure level and beyond in as little as 12-18 months.

It has worked for me, and several dozen of my students, clients and friends in multiple different industries, and it can work for you too.

Click on the button below and answer the short, easy questions to get specialized training and advice for launching your business, specifically customized for your situation.

Here's What To Do Next...

​So now what?

I realize your time is valuable, as is mine, so I'll just cut to the chase. 

I like to work with smart, driven and inspiring people, so if that's you, then here's what I suggest.

First, you might want to take my survey by clicking here. This will help me learn more about you. It will also allow you to check out some of my free training when I have something relevant to share.

If you like my stuff and it helps you, then perhaps you'll consider investing with me when I make you an offer.

Also, if you have a business that's at the $1 million+ mark and you'd like to get my personal help with growing or scaling your company, then be sure to choose the option to set up a meeting when you take the survey.

I don't believe in high-pressure selling, and as you'll find with my free trainings, my goal is to PROVE I can help you by actually helping you. Same thing if we decide to hop on a meeting together.

That being said, I do have a very strict policy of only working with (or talking to) driven creator entrepreneurs.

So if you're an author, information creator, consultant, coach, blogger, thought leader or subject matter expert...

...and you really care about helping people improve their lives, and you want to expand your reach, grow your brand and make a BIG impact, then I think we'll get along just fine.

That's really it!

Thanks for reading this page and I'm so glad you stopped by! It really means a lot.

Tim "T.J." Erway