PLUS: provides increased freedom, exclusive access to foreign investment opportunities, and can legally slash your tax bill to ZERO

Here are some of the topics we'll be exploring together...

  • The Pragmatic Prepper: Skyrocketing energy costs, supply chain breakdowns, global food shortages and rapid inflation are coming very soon. Learn what my smart friends and I are doing to prepare for the economic collapse.
  • Second Residencies and Citizenships: Here's why having an "escape hatch" may make sense... even if you plan to "brave the storm" in your home country. I'll share my strategy and introduce you to my growing network of experts and providers.
  • International Diversification: Why I've (mostly) "opted out" of the Wall Street retirement plan in search of real assets overseas that I can own directly. Like foreign real estate with 10-15% cash flow, farmland that yields as much as 8% or more per year. These are the kinds of deals I'll be searching for and sharing.
  • Preserve Your Wealth: Wealth is never destroyed, merely transferred. The catastrophic events already set in motion will soon lead to a global economic meltdown. Here's how to find the safe havens in every scenario, be it inflation, deflation or stagflation.
  • The High-Yield Playbook: Traditional savings accounts pay an average of a .06% interest, which is abysmal. Here are some options to stash your cash and earn 8%, 15% and even 20%+ returns so you can beat inflation and safeguard your savings.
  • Portable Digital Income: In my more than two decades of online business, my companies have generated nearly 9-figures in revenue. I've made a LOT of mistakes and learned some valuable lessons. Whether you're starting your first side hustle, or already have a successful business, I want to help you hit your goals.
  • Protect Your Assets: How to legally safeguard your wealth from lawsuits and creditors with domestic and offshore asset protection strategies. 
  • Reclaim Your Privacy: In the free world, our right to privacy was once a closely held value. Today we live in a time of mass surveillance, where governments and big tech are colluding to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. You can still enjoy modern conveniences and connectivity, while maintaining relative privacy.
  • Your Million-Dollar Network: My goal is to grow a network of experts on all of these topics, so we can not only survive, but absolutely thrive in these uncertain times.